Pool Fence FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Life Saver Pool Fence. Should you have other questions not listed below, please feel free to contact us at (843) 822-8855. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our mesh pool fences and installation services.

Will my child climb over our pool fence?

The Life Saver mesh pool fence is incredibly climb-resistant, making it perfect for parents with kids who are always looking to find new ways into the pool.

How long will my pool fence last?

We use the highest quality materials for our pool fences, which are very durable and strong. They can withstand even our cold winters without fear of damage or wear-and -tear!

What height should my pool fence be?

The ISPSC requires outdoor pools and spas and indoor swimming pools to be surrounded by a barrier the complies with a barrier top not less than 48 inches above ground where measured on the side of the barrier that faces away from the pool or spa (ISPSC code section 305).

If a child leans or pushes the fence, will it fall easily?

We are the only company that uses strong, triple reinforced pool poles for our removable fence. We also use industrial mesh with a high-quality marine grade material making our pool fence the strongest than any other brand out there!

This means you can enjoy your beautiful backyard oasis without worrying about breakage or rusting due to its corrosion-resistant properties – it’s super durable and won’t wear down quickly even under harsh conditions (like the snowy winter weather, the hot summer heat and heavy rain storms) where others may get damaged easily.

Can you install around a pool that has grass or sand?

Absolutely, we can install pool fences into almost any type of surface including grass, sand, cement, dirt, and more.

Do you offer a warranty on the fence?

Yes, we offer a Limited 100 Year Warranty on all of our pool gates and pool fences.

Why install a self-closing, self-locking pool gate?

The self-closing pool gate adds another layer of protection. They ensure your gate will automatically close everytime. They keep young children out but are easy for adults to use. Along with other layers of protection, these are essential, and they look great, available in both flat and arched tops.

Where are your pool fences built?

All Life Saver pool fences are built in the United States and designed to exceed the highest construction and safety standards.

 What will happen on the installation day?

We will come out to your home and measure the pool so we can determine what type of fence is best for you. When you call to schedule your free estimate, we may be able to provide a virtual estimate too using Google Earth (depends on visibility).

What alternatives are available with our pool fence?

We have a variety of pool fences to choose from, all with the same high quality. We only sell one grade though, which is considered the safest available.

Can it be taken down easily upon installation? We don’t need it up all year round.

Absolutely! Our pool fence system is super-easy to remove and store.

How long will my swimming pool fence last?

We know that peace of mind is worth something, which is why our pool fences will last for years when it’s maintained properly. Our durable pool fences and pool gates are durable enough to stand up against even heavy use. No rusting!

Is a mesh fence compatible for my pet?

Absolutely, you can ensure the safety of your pets with our sturdy mesh pool fence system.

Does your pool fence system work for swimming pools that are above ground?

Yes! Our pool fences can be installed around any type of pool (in-ground or above ground). It is the best way to completely surround your swimming area and keep children and pets safe.

However, it is suggested that it be installed 2-3’ away from the side of your above ground pool.

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