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Does your family need a local pool cover installer to put in a winter cover for your pool? If you own a home in South Carolina, we can professionally install solid and mesh pool covers for in-ground pools and spas!

We are the area’s #1 authorized installer for Meyco pool covers, and all our covers exceed all ASTM Standards. Installing:

  • New pool covers
  • We also provide replacement covers!
  • Custom Designs Available upon request

Special Note: We anticipate unseasonably high demand this year so be sure to place your order early. Speak to our Owner, Craig Hoover, by calling (843) 822-8855.

We’ve Got Your Pool Covered!—Pool Cover Installation Is Easy When You Work With A Professional Certified Installer

  • We provide FREE estimates
  • Pool covers are Guaranteed to fit!
  • Every pool is custom measured in person (within 60 miles)
  • 12 Year Warranty on Meyco covers!
  • We can often install in as little as two weeks!

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    What Type of Pool Cover Do You Need In South Carolina Lowcountry?

    In the Coastal area of South Carolina (Lowcountry area), many pools will be closing come Fall, and as early as July/August, many homeowners will begin researching and then installing a safety pool cover.

    We solely install Meyco pool covers, and within Meyco, there are practical options to suit every need possible. Whether you need a stock or a custom-made cover, or you just need advice, ask our Owner Craig to help you determine the best pool cover option!

    Meyco Pool Covers—Three Types of Covers To Select  

    We install three types of covers:

    MecoLite Covers

    MeycoLite mesh blue pool cover

    Lightweight, Durable, Less Maintenance covers.

    • Weaved MeycoLite fabric. Weighs almost 50% less than a typical solid safety cover.
    • Water drains through easily. Eliminates the need to pump off dangerous surface water, allowing it to drain through the cover.
    • Meticulous stitching means these will last a long time.
    • Blocks 95% of sun’s rays while minimizing fading.

    RuggedMesh Covers

    Meyco Rugged Mesh Pool Safety Cover

    Cleaner Water, Less Maintenance.

    • The durability of solid covers combined with the added flexibility of a light-weight mesh cover.
    • Greater tear & tensile strength than standard mesh covers.
    • Easy installation and removal (due to lightweight construction).
    • Special weave allows water to drain from surface easily.
    • These covers block more sunlight & offer greater strength than standard mesh covers.

    PermaGuard Covers

    Meyco PermaGuard Covers

    Reliable, Durable, Attractive.

    • Solid covers help to reduce evaporation (they block 100% of the sun’s rays).
    • They keep chemicals in your swimming pool longer.
    • They guard against UV damage and protect your pool from falling debris.
    • Long lifespan.
    • Greater tear and tensile strength than competing covers.

    From Our Owner, Craig Hoover

    “Pool covers protect the integrity of your pool but they also keep little ones, including children and pets, on solid ground, out of the pool. Combined with a pool fence, they add an additional physical safety barrier of protection. An added benefit is less debris, which means more time with family and less time cleaning your pool. I custom measure every job so that you’re  guaranteed that your cover will fit snugly! We believe in Meyco covers and are an authorized local installer. We’re ready to help your family in any way possible!” – Craig Hoover, Owner

    Why Us?

    • Work with Owner.
    • Prompt service and attention to detail.
    • I am a trained, authorized Meyco installer.
    • I can easily install into surfaces such as dirt, concrete, pavers, travertine, mulch, Riverstone, grass, and wood.
    • I can service both residential homes and commercial properties
    • I am a water safety expert too ready to educate your family on safety near pools!

    About Meyco Safety Covers  

    We are proudly an authorized pool cover dealer/ installer for the best covers you can buy:  Meyco Pool Covers.

    • They are “built to last.”
    • The manufacturing processes “ensure your cover will fit perfectly and last over the long haul!”
    • Meyco covers are patented, tested and proven after decades of research and improvements.
    • They come with an excellent 12-year manufacturer warranty.

    We provide both solid and mesh pool covers, and we make sure they are snug and tightly installed!  

    Need an in-ground Pool Safety Cover installed? Estimates are free. Call us at (843) 822-8855 today! We aim to serve you promptly!

    The Pool Cover Installation Process:

    Most pool cover measurements and estimates will be done in person, depending on location and distance from the Charleston, SC area. Here is how the process goes:

      1. Phone consult and presentation (rough price idea is provided).
      2. We then come to your home and physically measure your pool. **
      3. We then call you/email you the final price so you can place your order.
      4. You place your order (requires deposit).
      5. We schedule your installation date!

    **We may also use Google Earth to help get a rough estimate for you. Estimates usually within 48 hours (if within 60-mile radius of Charleston).

    Pool Area Surfaces in which We Install Safety & Winter Pool Covers

    • Dirt
    • Concrete
    • Pavers
    • Travertine
    • Mulch
    • Riverstone
    • Grass
    • Wood

    Don’t see your surface here? Call us at (843) 822-8855 to discuss your needs.

    Meyco pool cover dealer & installer in South Carolina
    meyco pool cover installed in Charleston, SC

    South Carolina Lowcountry Pool Cover Installation Service Areas

    We provide pool covers in Charleston County, Berkeley County, Dorchester County, Beaufort County, Georgetown County, Horry County (Myrtle Beach area) and beyond. We are especially convenient to the immediate Charleston, SC area.

    Pool Covers FAQs

    • How do I know how big of a safety cover I need? We will come and custom measure your pool so Meyco can make a cover to fit perfectly.
    • Hoes much does it cost to install a pool cover? The cost depends on the size of the cover, the amount of straps needed, and the deck material we install in. All of this will be reviewed with you after we measure your pool.
    • Do your pool covers come with a warranty? Meyco pool covers come with a 12-year warranty – one of the most generous in the industry.
    • How long does it take to get a pool cover installed? Once you approve the estimate and design, it can be as quick as 2-3 weeks. The covers are actually made in Moore, SC – so that definitely helps with turnaround time.
    • Which is better, a mesh or solid pool cover? Either will do a great job for you. The mesh requires little maintenance but doesn’t provide as much filtration as a solid cover. The mesh is less expensive and the most versatile cover Meyco offers.
    • Does any cover I put on my pool act as a safety cover? When properly installed with the correct tension, yes, the pool cover will serve as a layer of safety protection.
    • How do I keep my pool cover from sinking? Depending on the cover, a pump will sometimes be required to remove any standing water from pooling on the cover. That and proper tension/installation should help prevent your cover from sinking.
    • Should a pool cover be tight? Your pool cover should have sufficient tension to keep the cover in place to insure proper performance.
    • I don’t have children. Should I still get a pool cover on my pool? Any layers of protection on a pool are smart additions. In addition to keeping leaves and debris out, it can also keep any unwanted wildlife safe.
    • I have an existing safety cover. Can I have a new cover made from a different manufacturer and have the straps fit onto my existing deck anchors? Yes! We can send your current cover to the factory and they can use it as a pattern or we can come and measure your pool and where the exact strap locations need to be placed.
    • What are the deck requirements for me to best use a safety cover? A Meyco pool cover can be installed on virtually any deck material. Different attachment devices will be used depending on your surface.
    • Are there different color options for safety pool covers? Every Meyco pool cover is offered in an assortment of colors to match your décor.
    • Can a safety cover be put on a pool that has a vertical wall on one side of the pool, such as a waterfall wall? Meyco offers several different attachment options to cover all your unique pool features.
    • I have an in-ground spa beside my pool. Can I get a safety cover that covers both pool and spa? The advantage of a Meyco pool cover is it can be customized to fit your unique pool – regardless of the design.
    • My pool uses deck pavers all the way around it. Can I install a pool safety cover? Yes! Meyco pool covers offer several different attachment options for most any deck surface.
    • Do I need to get a cover pump if I put on a pool cover? A pump might be required with a Meyco PermaGuard pool cover. It is a solid cover and allows no water filtration through the cover.
    • What brands/types of Meyco pool covers you install? We offer the MeycoLite, RuggedMesh, and PermaGuard.
    • What type of warranty does Meyco offer? Meyco covers come with a 12-year warranty – one of the most generous in the industry.
    • Where are Meyco pool safety covers manufactured? Meyco pool safety covers are manufactured right in the upstate of South Carolina.
    • How can I be sure the cover I am buying is a Meyco pool cover? It will come with an identification tag on it and will be installed by a certified Meyco dealer.
    • How much weight can a Meyco pool cover hold? As a general rule, the weight of 2 adults and a child.
    • What colors of Meyco covers do you offer? Each Meyco cover comes in a variety of colors. We can provide a sample card of each offering.
    • Can you walk on a mesh pool cover? When properly installed, you can walk across the pool cover, although it is not recommended.
    • Can I take my pool cover off myself? If yes, how? Yes, you will be given instructions on how to install and remove your cover.
    • What is the turnaround time from when I order a replacement cover to installation? Depending on time of year, in can be as little as two weeks.
    • Does owning a Meyco pool cover requires maintenance? It depends on the Meyco cover you choose.  The Meycolite requires little to no maintenance while the PermaGuard will require leaves and debris to be removed from the surface.
    • How do I know when to replace my pool covers? Your pool cover will need replacing when it stops performing as it should – usually associated with the cover material or straps material deteriorating due to age and the environment.
    • My pool cover is crooked and misaligned, can you fix this? Often the cover can be adjusted by adjusting the straps. In extreme circumstances, some anchor bolts may need to be repositioned.