South Carolina Seawall & Dock Fence Installations

Waterfront Living. An Ideal Lifestyle for Many Homeowners in South Carolina.

Throughout America, many residents and homeowners are lucky enough to live in a coastal area and enjoy waterfront property. Living near a canal, bay, riverfront, or ocean is highly desirable to many people.

Waterfront living often means you have availability to boat docks and seawalls, which can serve as a place to launch and receive boats, store and maintain boats, and to bring people on and off your boat, jet ski or other watercraft. Seawalls serve as a barrier or blockade between your home and the canal or bay. It is also a place where you may fish, or go crabbing, or it may simply be the place you like to relax at. A seawall also provides your property and home with protection from the elements and wind, and also from the water itself during high tide and storms.

However, when living near the water, you also need to keep in mind the safety of young children, toddlers, and pets. Falling into the water is a real threat and something all homeowners with waterfront property should be mindful of. Installing a seawall fence and boat dock fence from Life Saver has many safety benefits.

  • Adds a layer of comfort and relaxation while you and your family are enjoying time at home by reducing the risk of accidents on your waterfront
  • Reduces risk of liability for injuries around the boat dock and seawall on your property
  • Adds security to your home and property when you are away
  • Reduces the risk of accidental drownings around seawalls and boat docks
  • Provides an additional layer of protection between your property and waterfront
  • Protects your family from falling into the water, which reduces the risk of childhood drowning (the leading cause of accidental death in children between the ages of 1-4)

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    Life Saver Pool Fence. Keeping your loved ones safe around the pool AND around the boat docks and seawalls for over 30 years.

    seawall & dock fence installations Charleston, South CarolinaWe want to help you add an extra layer of protection so that your family, friends, children and pets can enjoy their time together on your beautiful property while also reducing the chances and the anxiety of an accidental drowning. Seawall Fence and Dock Fence can provide your family with safety, relaxation, and peace of mind!

    Make Your Boat Dock and Seawall Safer

    Add a layer of protection for family, guests, pets and children. Mesh seawall fence and dock fencing is an effective and cost-efficient method to ensure that your family and friends can safely enjoy your beautiful waterfront property. It is essential to make your seawall and boat dock safer. It can easily be installed and removed. But while in place, the Seawall Fence and Dock Fence will reduce the risk of accidents, injury and death to your loved ones from entering or falling in the water.

    A Seawall Fence and Dock Fence Along Your Boat Dock and Seawall Puts a Barrier Between Your Home and Unwelcome Guests.

    The mesh safety fence can deter others from entering your property from along the waterfront. You can install a self-closing, self-latching gate which comes with a lock and key. Mesh safety fence sections are latched together from the inside of the fence and can even come equipped with Perma-latches which can make entering your property from the boat dock, seawall and waterfront more difficult, thus adding a layer of protection for your family, home and property.

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    Drowning Can Happen Quickly – The Solution is to Install A Physical Barrier

    As a waterfront homeowner, safety must always be a top priority – especially if you have young children, pets or even elderly family members in your home. We believe in layers of protection, such as adult supervision and careful monitoring. However, the fact is that supervision is not a guarantee against drowning and other accidents. Supervision is essential and part of the solution. The other part is a protective barrier stopping access to bodies of water, whether it’s the Ocean, a canal, a bay, or waterway.

    If you own a pool, you likely already have a pool safety barrier installed to prevent accidental drownings in your home. Like a pool, the ocean or a canal present just as much danger to your family as an unprotected pool does. Therefore installing a boat dock or seawall fence to provide a layer of protection from these natural bodies of water is vital for your home.

    Why Life Saver? It Can Be Your First and Often Your Last Barrier to Keep Family Safe Near Water.

    Our Seawall Fence and Dock Fence has proven itself to homeowners and parents time and time again for over several decades to be the safest and most effective source and boundary of protection you can install in your home. In addition, Life Saver Pool Fence’s mesh fencing makes it possible to have an unobscured view of the water. It’s an easily removable safety barrier and simple to set up, preparing for entertaining is easier than ever. If you leave it up, your guests will appreciate the care you have shown to their family. Mostly, you will have peace of mind knowing you have done everything possible to ensure safety.

    Our mesh fences are strong and durable and come in many different colors including black, white, green, tan and brown. Both the mesh and poles can be coordinated to match your yard’s decor and aesthetic. Additionally, our near-transparent mesh has 96% visibility which means you can retain the beauty of your ocean view and landscaping while still providing an effective layer of protection for your family.

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