Pool Fences & Installations in Beaufort County, SC

In Beaufort County, South Carolina, the warm-weather season is long, with a few very hot months and thick humidity. Owning a pool has become a necessity for many South Carolina residents. However, owning a pool is a big responsibility, there are many things a homeowner needs to consider when owning a pool. Perhaps the biggest consideration a pool owner needs to make is child safety. Will children be safe near your pool? What about your pets?

Accidental pool drowning is a major concern. Surprisingly, 75% of all drownings are children under the age of 5. Installing a Life Saver Pool Fence is essential to your family’s and friends’ safety. A Life Saver Pool Fence will provide you with the peace of mind to properly enjoy your pool and time with your family. As a pool owner in South Carolina, there are some regulations that you should be aware of:

  • The top of the fence, enclosure, or barrier needs to be no less than 48 inches in height.
  • All pools must have a fence that has a self-closing gate.
  • The pool fence must have a lock that is locked at all times, so children cannot wander into the pool unsupervised.
  • The pool fence must not have any gaps or openings in it.

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    Why Do Most Parents Choose To Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

    Life Saver mesh pool fence

    The Life Saver Pool Fence is the best way you can safeguard your children against pool accidents. Interestingly, the removable mesh is flexible and has a variety of uses other than pool fencing. It can be used to enclose driveways, patios, gazebo, or used for creating a designated play or party area. Place the fence on bricks, grass, tile, mud, or concrete, installation is a breeze.

    The Life Saver Pool Fence is the strongest removable mesh pool fence available on the market and it is backed by a lifetime limited warranty and factory-direct customer support which will allow you to enjoy your fence with total confidence.

    The mesh safety fence we use is strong and durable enough to handle all kinds of weather conditions including cold, Northeast winters. Another great feature of the Life Saver pool fence is that the fences are removable and can easily be taken down in minutes if you are entertaining or want to remove them for the winter months. The poles we use for our pool fence are the strongest available in the industry, and the mesh we use is nearly indestructible making our fence the most ideal option for any family. The mesh is also nearly transparent which means you can easily see the water while your children are playing in the pool.

    Life Saver Pool Fence. Proven to Save Lives. Every Day. 30 Years and Counting!


    Professional Swimming Pool Fence Installations in Beaufort County, SC

    The professional installation process used by Life Saver Pool Fence of the Lowcountry ensures that you will only have factory trained, experienced pool fence installers in Beaufort County working on your fence from start to finish.

    Every year we require all of our installers to attend safety seminars by our parent company – Life Saver Pool Fence Systems, Inc. There, they learn how to improve on their installation techniques and become familiar with any product upgrades.

    When you contact us to schedule your free estimate, we will come to your home to measure your pool area and determine the best layout for your pool fence. At this time, you will be able to discuss your specific pool safety needs and preferences, including the height and color of fence you want and any possible upgrades you want to install like a pool alarm. If for any reason you are unable to have us come to your home to prepare your pool fence estimate, we also utilize Google Earth to get an exact aerial view of the pool area and yard.

    We only sell one grade fence, which is the safest around. Our fences are offered in a variety of styles and colors that can be adjusted to match your personal taste and budget. We understand that you may need to have your new pool fence installed as quickly as possible especially during pool season. We will do everything we can to install your pool safety fence as soon as we are able to schedule an installation date.

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    Areas We Serve

    Life Saver Pool Fence of the Lowcountry installs pool fences in Beaufort County, SC including Bluffton, Burton, Lady’s Island, Laurel Bay, Okatie, Parris Island, Port Royal, Sheldon, and Shell Point.

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    Pool Safety Info Every Parent Should Know

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