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Having a pool is an exciting prospect for most people, but it also comes with its own set of risks. Many pool owners in Surfside Beach, SC are aware of the dangers of having children around a swimming pool unsupervised, but many parents may be unaware that even having a pool can pose risks for small children. If you have young children at home, a pool fence is an essential addition.

The primary purpose of a pool safety fence is to keep small children away from the pool so that they do not accidentally fall in or be able to access the pool without supervision. Parents usually install a mesh pool fence so they can relax while their children play in the backyard without the fear of the child wandering off close to the pool area.

However, pool fences can also serve a number of other purposes. They can help to deter pool vandalism, keep pets away from the pool, and keep curious mentally challenged or elderly people from accidentally wandering into the pool.

Drowning is a leading cause of death for children ages 1-4, and pool safety is a critical concern for parents and guardians. There are many things that can be done to help prevent accidents, including supervision, fencing, pool alarms, pool gates, and pool covers. It is also important to learn CPR and keep a wireless phone handy in case of an emergency. By taking these precautions, we can help keep our children safe and reduce the risk of drowning.

In the state of South Carolina, pool fence regulations stipulate that all pool barriers must be at least four feet tall and have a self-closing, self-latching pool gate. The gate must be placed away from the pool so that it cannot be reached by children, and the entire fence must be made of non-climbable materials.

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    Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

    According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, pool safety fencing is one of the most effective ways to prevent child drownings. By installing child pool safety fencing, parents can help to create a safer environment for their children and Life Saver Pool Fence of the Lowcountry is here to guarantee that.

    Life Saver Pool Fence Product Details – Premium Solid Core Pool Fence

    Features include:

    • The Life Saver Premium fences are made of a patented, virtually unbreakable triple-reinforced solid core pole that is the strongest in its industry.
    • High-quality aluminum pool fence poles will not only last for years, but they also look great in any yard.
    • Made out of Mesh (Textilene), this polyvinyl-coated nylon construction stands up well in the sun.
    • Textile with Marine-grade thread woven in a basket pattern. The tensile strength rating is more than 387 lbs, making it the strongest on any market anywhere!
    • The QuadStitch™ four stitched reinforced vinyl borders provide a finishing touch to your pool fence. The durable material will prevent unraveling and maintain the look of its surface, which you can enjoy for years.
    • Self-latching & self-closing gate options.
    • Various height options (3 ½ ft – 5 ft).
    • Square & arched pool gates available.
    • Major selection of colors, including black.
    • 87 percent transparent. You can see straight through the pool fence.
    • Omni hangers and pool solar lights.
    • Made in the USA
    • Lifetime warranty

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    About Surfside Beach, SC

    Surfside Beach is a town in Horry County, South Carolina – it is named for its proximity to the ocean. The town limits include only a small portion of the beach itself.

    Surfside Beach is officially part of the Grand Strand, a string of beach communities along the South Carolina coast. The town is located in close proximity to Myrtle Beach, SC, making it a popular destination for those looking for a laid-back alternative to the bustling city.

    With a population of approximately 4,385 people (2019), Surfside Beach offers visitors a chance to experience small-town charm while still being within easy reach of all the attractions and amenities of Myrtle Beach.

    Surfside is known for its wide, sandy beaches, which are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and fishing. The town also offers several parks and playgrounds, as well as sports facilities and a public library. Whether you’re looking to relax on the beach or explore all that the Grand Strand has to offer, Surfside Beach is the perfect place to call home.

    Popular landmarks include:

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